Stride Ambassador Program

Stride Ambassador Program

🎟️Welcome to the Stride Ambassador Program! 🎟️ At Stride, our mission is to deliver the best and safest liquid staking experience to users in Cosmos. Now you can directly help drive the future of the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond by participating in the Stride Ambassador Program. Anyone can join this program! Specifically, we seek ambassadors who are passionate about decentralized finance, want to support the role of Stride in shaping the future of liquid staking, and desire to make an impact in the global Web3 and Cosmos communities. Our ambassadors will bring value to the project by driving organic growth, raising awareness and educating users, and strengthening the community.

General Overview

As an Ambassador, working in collaboration with Stride’s Community teams, you are responsible for the following:

  1. Regular Participation and Thought Leadership
    • Established and trusted presence in the Stride online community - community members are familiar with your media presence and turn to you for support and thought leadership
    • Consistent and supportive activity in social media platforms, striving for and serving the role of a public figure representing Stride
      • quality message discussions, thoughtful forum posting, educational threads, live attendance and participation in facilitated online spaces, hosting topical and timely online spaces for subsets of the community, etc
      • Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Commonwealth
    • Consistent input and feedback on active discussions in the Cosmos social media atmosphere, deploying brand-consistent messaging to the broader community
    • Feedback on other matters in which you believe the team or the protocol can improve

NOTE: The degree of interaction is not explicitly prescribed. We will not quantify your contributions. It is the expectation that high quality, high reach engagement is to be maintained frequently and consistently over time at a level representative of an ambassadorial leader of Stride’s community.

  1. Ambassadors Program Development
    • Input and feedback on developing the program as required on a regular basis - to be the most productive, efficient, and high-leverage, it is critical to have an active hand in shaping the ambassador community of which you are apart.
    • Community evaluation and critical input about high-leverage users that would suit the program, initiating discussions with potential ambassadors, and assisting in on-boarding those invited to join.


As incentive for the continued contributions of individuals pursuing ambassadorial activities, we provide:

  1. High-quality education opportunities: The ambassador program is geared towards educating the community on key topics and enhancing the quality discussion shared by community members, with opportunities to demonstrate learning through engaging quizzes and writing prompts.
  2. Exclusive badges: Minted on Stargaze, a unique badge will be given to all ambassador candidates at the end of each level, corresponding with your program status.
  3. Stride merchandise: Community contributors will have early access to Stride merch to represent the brand and start discussions about Stride at the local level.

We very much look forward to building the future of Stride with you.

How to Join

1. Visit the Program Structure + Rewards section. Read the program overview and the Level 1 - Official Community Member section. 2. Go to the Task Guidelines for Leveling Up section. Read the instructions, then open the Level 1 Submission Guide. 3. After completing the tasks required in the Level 1 section, you will reach the Stride Ambassador Application form. You can only access it through the Zealy quest. You must fill this out so we can ensure we know your correct infromation: social media handles, time zone, etc. so that we can communicate most effectively and clearly with you.

Table of Contents

Ambassador Program

🗽 Mission

The mission of this program is direct and simple: we aim to create pathways for Stride community members like yourself to make high reach contributions to the project and the growth of our worldwide community.While there are several ways to get involved with the Stride community, we believe this program will provide a streamlined protocol for individuals of all skill level and expertise to begin deepening their understanding of the Cosmos ecosystem and the principles of liquid staking with Stride.

We want to accelerate community growth and and member retention through high quality engagement on social media. As an ambassador, you will be apart of shaping the future of Web3, engaging with Stride with great intention and purpose while achieving exclusive rewards and perks not available to the public.

⚖️ Program Levels + Benefits

The Stride Ambassador Program consist of 3 ranks. Every task you complete will contribute to your process of ranking up in the community. At the end of the life cycle of each level, you will complete an activity log cataloguing your efforts.

Click the levels below to learn:

  • What does it mean to be AT this level?
  • How do I reach this level?
  • What are the BENEFITS/OPPORTUNITIES of reaching this level?

Level 0 - Stride User

What does it mean to be AT this level?
If you have just discovered Stride and our ambassador program, this is you. You are at the start of your journey and can go from here. Welcome!
How do I reach this level?
This is your starting point. Nothing official!
What are the BENEFITS/OPPORTUNITIES of reaching this level?
Becoming acquainted with Stride and liquid staking in Cosmos!

Level 1 - Official Community Member

What does it mean to be AT this level?
Focus: Community Acclimation, Familiarization, and Education

This is a standard new member of the community who has officially gained complete and easy access to all of our social platforms, supporting in base-level community growth. Community members at this stage are educating themselves about Stride in order to adequately prepare to initiate and participate in compelling online discussions about liquid staking and Cosmos Defi.

How do I reach this level?
You must:
  • Onboard to all social media platforms including Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Youtube
  • Complete of Stride-curated DeFi educational quizzes and discussion questions to demonstrate ability to engagingly and accurately spread the word about Stride
  • Complete the Stride Ambassador Application form embedded in the tasks outlined below!
What are the BENEFITS/OPPORTUNITIES of reaching this level?
You will:
  • Establish yourself as a dedicated member of the Stride community
  • Become an expert in liquid staking and Cosmos Defi
  • Earn an official “Defi Wizard” Stride badge + “Official Community Member” role
  • Earn access to the #ambassadors chat on Discord

Level 2 - Active Contributor

What does it mean to be AT this level?
Focus: Direct Engagement, Participation, and Contribution

These community members apply their knowledge to real time discussion on Twitter and jump into high level Cosmos topics, join in and actively share during community-hosted calls, sharing the value of Stride and contributing meaningful and relevant ideas in other online communities.

Where necessary, contributors will provide and redirect others towards relevant resources. Contributors are well-versed in Stride/Cosmos current events and participate regularly quality discussions about this on Twitter. The goal is to be a familiar, established, trusted presence in the Stride servers.

How do I reach this level?
You must establish yourself as a trusted, credible, engaging presence in the Stride community. Active contribution metrics:
  • Regular presence in Stride hosted events and initiatives, actively sharing ideas
  • Daily discussion contribution and thought leadership on social media
    • Acting as a support resource to newer users in the #general chat on Discord and other media platforms(sharing links, redirecting, etc)
    • Responding in the governance channels, forum discussions, Question-of-the-Day, etc.
    • Engaging in lively online discussions about Cosmos DeFi and liquid staking with other Cosmos community members, including Cosmonauts beyond our current reach
  • Collaborating with other ambassadors in the #ambassador chat to create and carry out initiatives for community growth, recruitment, etc
    • Scoping the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond for opportunities to organically increase Stride’s visibility
    • Hosting informational spaces about Stride concepts, the community, and other relevant topics
    • Collaborations and contests geared toward community growth and inclusion of new users
    • Proposing incentivized growth activities to the community team and working with the team to execute
What are the BENEFITS/OPPORTUNITIES of reaching this level?
You will:
  • Earn a “Community Star” Stride badge + role
  • Gain exclusive first access to Stride merch!
  • Access the #community-club chat

Level 3 - Stride Ambassador

What does it mean to be AT this level?
Focus: Quality Content and Personalized Contributions

This is the highest rank a community member can reach - users who have made a remarkable name for themselves in the Stride community through their dedicated efforts to support growth will be able to develop a special incentivized contribution plan that aligns with the area of expertise. Ambassadors are leading high level discussions, establishing event spaces, and creating useful, relevant content for the greater community.

How do I reach this level?
You must: Work directly with the Stride team to engage in growth-oriented community discussion, create content, and contribute to the project at a high level. At this level, you will work closely with other core contributors to develop high-quality materials and resources aimed at enriching the community. In addition to sustaining your high-quality activity from Level 2, the additional responsibilities of Level 3 may look like:
  • Content creation such as tutorials and how-to guides for new integrations, or YouTube videos breaking down key concepts
  • Technical input into the protocol
  • Regular, topical, and relevant Twitter threads aimed at spreading knowledge to the community
  • Thought leadership in governance proposal creation and discussion
  • Complement existing Stride material, and write how to guides
  • Following up / initiating on high-leverage threads on Twitter and beyond, responding with thoughtful questions or commentary
What are the BENEFITS/OPPORTUNITIES of reaching this level?
You will:
  • earn an Ambassador badge + “Stride Ambassador” role
  • get direct mentions + shoutouts on the Stride Twitter
  • become a trusted face and representative of Stride
  • sustain regular contributions to the project while building strong professional connections with core team members

🏆 Leveling Up

Leveling up opportunities that are not reviewed through autovalidation will be reviewed monthly by our Community team.

When you reach Level 3, you will join the team in reviewing responses to the forms and supporting the process of advancing users through the program. This means you have a direct hand in curating the ambassador community of which you are apart.

Open the toggle menus to understand the step-by-step breakdown of how to complete each level.

Reviewing Process

  • Level 1 —> Level 2: Autovalidation
  • Level 2 —> Level 3: Monthly review by committee

To reach Level 1

  1. Join the Stride Zealy
  2. Familiarize yourself with our social media platforms by completing all quests in #socials-onboarding.
  3. Go to the #ambassadors section and click the “Become an Ambassador!” quest. This quest will include the link to the official Stride Ambassador Program application form.
  4. Complete the quest and submit a screenshot through Zealy for approval. When this quest is approved, you are official apart of the program with the Level 1: Official Community Member role.

Completing Level 1 - Official Community Member

  1. Go to the #ambassadors section again. Complete the 3 quiz quests to elevate your knowledge of Cosmos, Stride, and our integration partners. You must complete these in order - you can only move on to the next one when you have achieved a perfect score.
    1. Quiz 1: Stride Basics
    2. Quiz 2: Cosmos DeFi
    3. Quiz 3: Integrations
  2. This one is OPTIONAL - you can move on to #7, or complete this. Find the “Writing About Stride” quest. Within the quest, respond to 1 open-ended question as if you were writing a blog post to demonstrate your Cosmos expertise. Be clear and concise.
    1. You will be given 4 question options - choose 1. Write your answer in the text box and submit for review.
    2. Recommendation: Save your writing in a Google Doc so you can easily edit it you need to re-submit.

  3. Submit the final Zealy quest, the Twitter Engagement quiz, in order to unlock the next level Level 2: Active Contributor role.

Completing Level 2 - Active Contributor

Instructions: To fulfill the role of an Active Contributor, you must establish yourself as a prominent and reliable voice in the Stride community by offering regular, high-quality participation in Stride channels and social spaces as outlined in the Level 2 “Program Levels + Benefits” section. Be creative. We invite your innovation and creativity - if you have effective and engaging methods of furthering the Stride protocol’s reach, share in the #ambassadors chat so others may collaborate and expand on these efforts. At the end of the month, a committee of Stride community team members will gather to evaluate the current pool of Active Contributors. Individuals who stand out will be reached out to individually to advance to the official Level 3: Stride Ambassador status. The higher the quality of your contributions and social reach, the higher the chance you will advance to the final level.

Achieving and Maintaining Level 3 - Stride Ambassador

If you have achieved Level 3, this means you have demonstrated yourself as a credible and dedicated liaison to the protocol's interests and values. You are essentially a well-known, well-respected public figure affiliated with the Stride community.

At this level, we expect that you maintain the responsibilities of a Level 2: Active Contributor, while simultaneously taking initiative in thought leadership in sophisticated community forums and high-leverage communication with other protocols to assist in community growth.

You will meet with the Stride community team and other Stride Ambassadors regularly to carry out specialized, creative initiatives to enrich and expand the community.

⚡ Community Spotlight

What is the Stride Community Spotlight Program?

This program is designed to recognize and reward outstanding contributors to the Stride community in our social media servers. Eligibility will be based on the following 2 focus areas:

  • Community Growth and Engagement
  • Active Participation and Quality Contributions
Who is eligible to join?
  • A Stride community member is eligible by default (no application). Our community team keeps a watchful eye on the server and based on our observations and social media analytics, we are able to identify super users and quality contributors. We select the most deserving individuals based on their performance. To get noticed, focus on curating and offering outstanding contributions in the main discussion channels on our Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.
Are there any rewards?
  • Nominees will be featured on official Stride platforms (either the blog or our social media channels), providing exposure and recognition for excellent contributions. The Stride community team seeks to offer both intrinsic and extrinsic incentives for participating. Details about extrinsic incentives to come.
Do I need to be pursuing the Ambassadors Program to be nominated?
  • You do not need to be pursuing the Ambassador Program in order to be nominated, but you could be! If you are nominated and continue to contribute at a high level over time, you MAY have a chance to be personally invited to join an intermediate level of the program.
How will I know if I was nominated?
  • We will determine the outstanding users and performers in the community as we monitor user activities and organic contributions on a daily basis. We will observe organic contributions during each (entire) month. Community Spotlight winners will be notified privately, and will undergo a text-based AMA style interview about their involvement, contributions, and personal goals for growing the Stride community. Their recognition, which will be shared across Discord, Twitter, and the blog.

More detailed information on our Community blog:

💬 Stride Social Channels

Community Homepage -

Community Club Twitter -

Official Blog -

🐣 Twitter Engagement Guide

Use this as a guide to creating top-notch posts that will help you advance in the program!

See for information about penalties for spamming our socials.

Share high-quality, interesting, and valuable content:
  • When drafting your tweets and threads, ensure that your responses to active discussions are relevant and well-informed. In order to earn credibility in the community and reach the most people, it is critical to be communicating clearly and accurately in a way that is accessible to all audiences.
  • When creating threads, you should concentrate on providing creative educational content about DeFi, Stride and Cosmos to help your followers better understand the project and the broader ecosystem.
    • 🟢 Click the screenshot of this tweet to see a complete example of a high quality + relevant thread:

    • In this example, Riley uses a few key Twitter engagement strategies:
      • Piquing curiosity by presenting the content as an exciting advancement in the Cosmos
      • Numbering the tweet in the thread (1/7) keeps it organized
      • Using simple graphics with minimal text, easy-to-process imagery, and clear labels
      • Adding emojis to catch readers’ eyes and keep the tone of the tweet approachable and natural (we don’t want to sound like robots!)
      • Including relevant #hashtags and @projects in the post smoothly
      • Using reasonably neutral language and tone - we do not want to create hostility or animosity! We just want to spread information.
  • Share valuable content about Stride that is relevant to your target audience. This can include project updates, industry news, educational resources, milestones, partnerships, and any notable achievements. This can help keep your followers informed and engaged.
Be clear about the TYPE of post you are creating:
  • You should create posts that are focused on the following goals
    1. Explaining information or educating the community about a specific relevant topic
    2. Calling users to action by encouraging them to take certain actions to engage with the community
    3. Connecting with other projects that could leverage Stride and contribute to the growth and prosperity of liquid staking in the Cosmos and greater crypto ecosystems

✋ DO NOT make posts with no purpose other than expressing enthusiasm. These do not support the growth of Stride.

Use relevant hashtags:
  • Use relevant hashtags in your tweets to increase visibility and reach.
  • You should include at least one of the following tags in your initial tweet:
    • #stride #crypto #cosmosdefi #liquidstaking #stridezone #STRD #st[TOKEN] #IBC
  • We can also use:
    • #Cosmos #DeFi #Web3 #cryptocommunity #Stridefrens #IBCGang
Engage dynamically with the community:
  • Be creative with your Stride-related knowledge - seek out discussions on Twitter about relevant high level topics in the Cosmos and greater DeFi world and contribute new ideas, commentary, and questions for people to engage with. If you can’t find an active discussion, start one!
    • Topics to consider: Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), Interchain Security (ICS), Interchain Accounts (ICA), Adding Liquidity, Collateralization, Lending Markets
  • Not every tweet you write is going to explicitly mention Stride and liquid staking. That would come off as spammy, which is NOT what we want! Participate in active discussions involving other relevant topics in Cosmos that naturally relate to Stride.
    • Click on this screenshot of Riley’s tweet to fully view another example:

    • In this thread, Riley’s first tweet does not mention Stride - he actually tags two other projects in Cosmos to initiate conversation and draw user attention to and from followers and supporters of these other projects’ communities. We encourage you to bring other projects into the discussion! He DOES mention stTokens though 😉
    • If you keep reading the thread, you will see how he not only poses an interesting question to readers, but smoothly brings the conversation back to Stride and it’s role in Cosmos (in this example, Stride’s potential to allow liquid staking stEvmos from community pools in one click! Wow!)
  • Engage with your followers and other users on Twitter by responding to tweets, comments and messages on your personal tweets and most especially on @Stride_zone tweets, and on @STRD_community. This will support community growth for Stride and increase engagement - when users are shown that their input is valued, they are more likely to be a lasting member of the community!
Collaborate with other projects:
  • Collaborate with other DeFi projects on and outside Cosmos or in the broader blockchain community to increase your reach and build relationships. You can search what is the “Trending” topic around blockchain specifically in the DeFi space and liquid staking.
  • Collaborate to cross-promote each other's tweets and increase engagement across both communities.
  • Here is a list of our current integrations / active collaborations:
    • Osmosis
    • Evmos
    • Umee
    • Stargaze
    • Astroport / Terra
    • Injective
    • Demex
    • Comdex
    • Mars
  • We encourage you to seek out credible, interesting, and relevant projects within Cosmos or beyond that we DO NOT have a pre-existing relationship with that would be meaningfully supportive in spreading the word about Stride’s liquid staking in Cosmos. Be careful of bots and spammy projects!
Host Twitter chats, campaigns and Q&A sessions:
  • Host Twitter chats or Q&A sessions with the team or industry experts to discuss topics related to DeFi, Stride protocol and Cosmos. This can help to build thought leadership and engage your audience. It could also help build trust and foster a sense of community.
  • If you speak a language besides English, that is a huge advantage! You can host short informational events about liquid staking, AMAs about Stride, etc. in a different language which would create more opportunities for for untapped international communities to learn about and access the Stride project.
  • Run campaigns where followers can win prizes for engaging with your content, such as retweets, replies, or follows.
Share Official Stride and user-generated content:
  • Share, like, and retweet contents from the official Stride Twitter @Stride_Zone, our Community Club Twitter @STRD_Community.
  • Engage with high-quality user-generated contents from key and rising figures in Cosmos such as testimonials or reviews, to showcase the value of the project and build social proof.
  • Share relevant news and updates about the DeFi and crypto industries to show that you are knowledgeable and invested in the broader industry. While you are a Stride ambassador, you are also becoming an expert voice in Cosmos that people will trust in over time!
Use multimedia aligned exclusively to Stride brand assets:
  • Create graphics, infographics, and videos to accompany your tweets. This can help grab the attention of potential followers and increase engagement, and to make your content more engaging and shareable.
  • Use Canva, Figma, or one of your preferred tools for editing still images and/or moving videos clips.
  • A high quality informational video or graphic will include:
    • clear and concise text (bullet points like this are preferred)
    • simple imagery that is easy to process aligned to the brand
    • links to relevant resources or sites
Use analytics:
  • Use Twitter analytics to track the performance of your tweets and adjust your strategy accordingly. This can help you optimize your engagement and reach more potential followers.

⚠️ Important Tips

Do not create tweets or threads that come off as SPAM. We do not want nor do we benefit from low-quality posts or spammy-looking threads. You are ambassadors, not bots. We want organic discussion starters, creative contributions, and engaging materials that stimulate activity in the community and create space for highly thoughtful conversations about Stride and the Cosmos. Spam not only diminishes credibility but depletes our bandwidth. Specifically, do NOT:

  • create one word / single emoji posts
  • create generic promotional posts with no informational substance
  • use language that is unclear or difficult to translate
  • prioritize quantity over quality
  • spam other accounts with random links

⚠️ Any spam-style posting on social media will result in an immediate reset of your progress in the ambassador program. If the problem of spamming our socials persists, you risk being banned from the community. ⚠️

💬 Community Updates

Visit our community homepage at for a comprehensive archive of user resources.

Keep up on the latest updates in the Stride Community with our Community Updates Medium blog. Stride Community Updates is the go-to platform for staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the Stride ecosystem. Maintained and written by the Stride Support Lab. Note: this is not the official stride blog. For general updates from the Stride team, find us at